Knowledge Salon International

Knowledge Salon International ~ Pre-Launch Event:

“Australia’s Creative Industries Exports ~ Challenges and Triumphs in the Japanese Market.”

About Knowledge Salon International 

Knowledge Salon is one of the major facilities of Knowledge Capital (, situated within Grand Front Osaka, a new city re-development project right next to Osaka Station, which will be opened in Spring 2013. Thus, Knowledge Salon International will be an event and a project to fulfill the four objectives of Knowledge Capital namely:

  • Business Promotion 

  • Cultural Exchange

  • International Collaboration

  • Talent Development 

through innovative new value creation. It is the first project in Japan that ties together industries and institutions in various projects and initiatives with the goal to make a different in today’s Kansai and open up Kansai as the “Gateway” to Japan and the rest of Asia.


Pre-launch event

In order to create a Knowledge Capital and Knowledge Salon, that are already to set off to achieve their objectives by Spring 2013, we have planned to hold monthly pre-launch events from October right up to the opening of Knowledge Capital in April 2013, so as to ensure enough preparation will be done with no stone left unturned.


Date & Time:                          21st February 2013, Thursday 1830~2100


Venue:                                       Knowledge Capital Management Corporation (KMO) Office,

                                                     Shin-Hankyu Building 9th Floor, 1-12-39 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka, JAPAN

Cost:                                          1000 yen (Students 500yen)




  • 1830~                   Opening, Networking session

  • 1850~1900          Introduction of Knowledge Salon by Tong

  • 1900~1910          Music performance by Jon Levy

  • 1900~2000         Knowledge Donor Presentation:

    “Australia’s Creative Industries Exports ~ Challenges and Triumphs in the Japanese Market.”

                                          By CINDY LINEBURG

                                          Investment Manager, Australian Consulate-General, Osaka 

  • 2000~2100         Networking session & Refreshment

    For registration and enquiries, kindly submit the following form or send us an email to Tong at by  19th February 2013.

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Knowledge Donor of the day

Cindy Lineburg (Australia)

Investment Manager (Major Infrastructure), Australian Consulate General Osaka (Austrade)

Formerly Business Development Manager (Creative Industries)

 Cindy’s childhood was spent in her hometown of Brisbane being taxied by her parents for music, dance, skating or singing lessons, but she later discovered that her real passion for language was going to carry her to Japan to try to master Japanese which she studied at high school & university.   After 2 years living & working in Hiroshima, and a few more years spent on self-study and starting a family back in Australia, Cindy finally returned to Japan in 1997 and embarked on a career working in government, firstly as a Coordinator for International Relations on the JET program for Kobe City, then as a Business Development Manager working with a wide range of Australian companies wanting to access the Japanese market as exporters.  It was only after the Australian Trade Commission instituted a New Exporter Program where free support was provided to registered Australian businesses that she discovered a way to also combine her earlier love of Creative Industries with her role as a Business Development Manager.  And with this, the first Creative Industries specialist dedicated to assisting Australians wanting to “export” their creative talent was born.


     Jon Levy (Australian/New Zealander)

Born and raised in Kyoto, Japan, Jon Levy is an Australian/New Zealander singer and songwriter. Primarily a guitarist, Jon’s independent debut release in 2009 “Half A World Away” combines his love for pop songwriting and pays tribute to the guitar stylings of Eric Clapton. Jon was accepted to Berklee College of Music on Scholarship in 2006 and began his studies majoring in Music Production and Engineering. Studying with fellow Kyoto native Tomo Fujita, who also taught the likes of John Mayer and Eric Krasno (Soulive,) Jon learned to find his style as a guitar player, heavily influenced by the blues and Tommy Emmanuel. Graduating in 2009 Jon moved to Los Angeles, CA for two years to work as an artist and engineer/producer. Jon’s recent material reflects his new love for Folk and Country music, the likes of James Taylor and Johnny Cash, while still maintaining flavors of his original influences such as The Beatles and Sting.


Tong Cheuk Fung (Singpore)

Overseas Business Development Officer @ Superstation Inc.

Tong is currently involved in the producing team of Knowledge Capital under Superstation Inc. as an overseas business development  officer. His main tasks include partnerships with overseas government organizations & companies, connecting the international communities in Japan to Knowledge Capital Project, and giving Knowledge Capital an international image, bridging Kansai to the rest of the world.

Project Director @ We Are One Japan

We Are One Japan is 

“An international community, a social entrepreneurship group by international people, moving towards an international society.

We Are One Japan, Be one of us.”

People of Knowledge Salon International


For registration and enquiries, kindly submit the following form or send us an email to Tong at by 19th February 2013.

 Illustration for Knowledge Salon at Knowledge Capital

*Presentation and discussion will be done both in Japanese and English, however not all content will be interpreted. 

*It is an event for both Japanese and foreigners. 









場所:大阪府北区梅田1-12-39 新阪急ビル 9階 ナレッジキャピタル・マネジメントオフィス(KMO)

会費:一般1000円 (学生500円)



  • 1830~1850          会場、交流会

  • 1850~1900         ナレッジサロンの紹介

  • 1900~2000         ナレッジドナー プレゼンテーション                                    

           シンディー・リネバーグ (オーストラリア人)

           在大阪オーストラリア総領事館 インベストメントマネジャー 社会・経済インフラ担当 

  • 2000~2100         交流会&おつまみ






シンディー・リネバーグ (オーストラリア人)

在大阪オーストラリア総領事館 インベストメントマネジャー 社会・経済インフラ担当 

シンディーは子供の頃に、故郷のブリスベン市でピアノ、バレー、ジャズダンス、スケート、ボーカルなどの数々のレッスンへ連れて行かれていました。 彼女のことを小さい頃から知っている友人は、彼女が在大阪オーストラリア総領事館の商務官として入館して、クリエーティブ産業輸出担当になったことは自然なことだと思いました。本日は、彼女が8年間にわたって、ソロギタリストのツアーから、オーストラリアのバレー団の初来日公演までに至るあらゆる仕事を手がけた結果手に入れた、豊富な経験や幅広い知識について語っていただきます。


ジョン•レビ (オーストラリアとニュージーランド)

京都にの生まれ育ったジョン•レビは、オーストラリアとニュージーランドの国籍をもつシンガーソングライターです。 主にギタリストとして2009年にデビューリリースした”Half A World Away”は、彼の愛するポップソングの作詞作曲と、敬愛するエリック•クラプトンの影響を併せ持ったものとなっています。2006年に ジョンは奨学生としてバークリー音楽大学に入学し、音楽制作とエンジニアリングを専攻しました。ジョンはバークリーでジョン•メイヤーやエリック•クラズ ノ(Soulive)を教えた京都出身の藤田トモ特別研究員に師事しました。ジョンはブルースとトミー・エマニュエルに強い影響を受けつつ、藤田トモ氏の 助けによりギタリストとしての自分のスタイルを見つけることを学びました。2009年の夏にバークリーを卒業したジョンは、アーティスト、またエンジニ ア・プロデューサーとして働くために2年間ロサンゼルスに活動の場を移しました。ジョンのライブでリスナーは ジョニー•キャッシュとビートルズを足して割ったような作品をスティングの優しい歌声で耳にすることを期待できるでしょう。




彼はWe Are One Japanのプロジェクトリーダーでもあります。

We Are One Japanとは、






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