One Day in Kyoto

What’s One Day in Kyoto?

One Day in Kyoto FACEBOOK group 

Based upon the One Day on Earth experience, One Day in Kyoto is a project that gathers a vibrant and creative community of filmmakers, students and inspired citizens, who are willing to contribute with their voices in the first “simultaneous filming event” held in Kyoto.

Together, we can tell some of the million of stories that occur in one day inside this marvelous, traditional and intriguing city. We are going to show the world an amazing diversity of people, minds, views and thoughts that happen in this special part of the world.

Therefore, this One Day in Kyoto will create, share and present a selection of short-films made by people from different cultures, creeds, and nationalities who live in this city. Together we will make the first step towards a creative community ready to participate in the next One Day on Earth project, and other collective experiences yet to come.


One Day in Kyotoとは?

One Day on EarthのアイディアをもとにOne Day in Kyotoは映像作家、学生や京都在住の人々を巻き込んで京都でクリエイティブなコミュニティーを築き、京都で催される初の「同時多発的映画製作イベント」でそれぞれのメッセージを発信することを目的としたプロジェクトです。京都という様々な考えを持つ多種多様な人がいるこの魅力ある街で、1日の間に起こるたくさんのストーリーを世界に発信するのです。このOne Day in Kyotoプロジェクトは京都に住む様々なバックグラウンドも持つ人々、異なる文化圏や異なる国籍をもつ人々によって作られる映像作品をショーケースします。このプロジェクトはこの絶好の機会に参加者間の将来のコラボレーションを期待するものであり、またOne Day on Earthのプロジェクトへの第一歩とも捉える事が出来るでしょう。  

One Day in Kyoto FACEBOOK group 

What’s One Day on Earth?

“Founded in 2008, One Day on Earth‘s first media creation event occurred on 10.10.10. and the second on 11.11.11. The 10.10.10 collaboration was the first ever simultaneous filming event occurring in every country of the world. One Day on Earth collaborations create a unique geo-tagged video archive as well as an annual feature film.

Together, we are showcasing the amazing diversity, conflict, tragedy, and triumph that occurs in one day. We invite you to join our international community of thousands of filmmakers, hundreds of schools, and dozens of non-profits, and contribute to this unique global mosaic. One Day on Earth is a community that not only watches, but participates.”

It is hard to believe that despite having a population over 127 million people, the are only about 30 members representing Japan in the One Day on Earth community, 50 clips geo-tagged on the Kansai Region, and not even a single one tagged in Kyoto. That’s why the One Day in Kyoto initiative wants to radically change that, empowering individuals through collective work and the possibility of having a stronger voice as a community in an international level.


One Day on Earthとは?

2008年に設立。2010年10月10日にOne Day on Earthは初のインターネットを駆使したメディアクリエイティブイベントとして、また世界規模で行われる初の「同時多発的」映画製作として行われました。次いで2011年11月11日、そして2012年12月12日と毎年続いています。One Day on Earthは地球のあらゆる光景を捉えたアーカイブとして機能するだけでなく、1年に1つの映画作品を生み出しています。このプロジェクトを通じて、私達は1日の中で世界がいかに多様であり、そこにいかに葛藤があるかを垣間みる事が出来きます。この地球規模でモザイクを描き出すOne Day on Earthはこの何千という映像作家、何百という教育施設や非営利組織からなる国際コミュニティーにあなたにも参加してもらいたいと考えます。One Day on Earthはただ見るだけではなく、参加することに意義があります。1億2千7百万以上という信じられないほど多く人口がいる中で、日本のOne Day on Earthコミュニティーにはたった30人の参加者がいるだけです。関西圏というタグ付けでも50クリップの映像だけで、まして京都は0です。

それゆえにOne Day in Kyotoはその現状を変えるべく京都からより強いメッセージを発信できるように京都でのコミュニティーを作りを目指します。


Who should participate?

* Film makers * Film/Documentary Lovers * Creators * Kyoto Lovers * People from Kyoto * People outside of Kyoto * NPOs * Tourists * Students * All of YOU *




One Day in Kyoto FACEBOOK group 


How do I participate? 

On April 14th 2013, in various parts of Kyoto, documentary filmmakers, students, creators, and other inspired citizens will record the human experience over a 24-hour period and contribute their voices to the “First simultaneous filming event” called One Day in Kyoto. Together, we will create an on-line shared archive on Vimeo, we will showcase a selection of short-films, and we will gather a community ready to participate in the next One Day on Earth initiative.

 To do so, we are not only looking for compassionate, intelligent, creative people that will send us their short films, but also, we want to start a One Day in Kyoto Voluntary Team that will strive to make this event possible. People from all the background, nationalities, languages and races are more than welcome to participate.


2013年4月14日(日)、映像作家やドキュメンタリーフィルムメーカー、学生、クリエイター、そしてこの企画に興味を持つあらゆる人達が京都の各所で24時間という制約の中、人々の生活や日常の風景を撮影し記録する。これが『One Day in Kyoto』です。この1日にあらゆる人達が記録したストーリーをVimeo(動画サイト)を活用しオンラインで共有します。さらに、私達はそれらの作品を上映し、制作者が一堂に会する事でコミュニティーを築きます。これは次回のOne Day on Earthに参加するためのきっかけにもなることでしょう。このプロジェクトはクリエイティブな人達を繋ぐ事だけが目的ではなく、One Day in Kyotoという機会を通じて人種、国籍、言語の違いに隔たれる事の無いボランティアチームを築く事を目指したいます。      


Hirano San: Shot on Panasonic AF101 from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

What should I film?

Whatever that inspires you on Kyoto that day. We strongly support freedom of speech, religion, and beliefs. We also want to be sure that other members of the community feel welcome and respected. We prohibit any form of solicitation that could be construed as harassment or destructive.

 For more ideas check other people’s experience in the One Day on Earth website at:



具体的な例やアイディアのインスピレーションに『One Day on Earth』のウェブサイトを参考までにご覧下さい。




Important dates

March 30th, Sat          One Day in Kyoto Kickoff Party

Venue: Zen Café (Kawaramachi Shichijo, 10 min from Kyoto Station, 3min from Keihan Shichijo station, see map)

Concept presentation, Video presentation & Networking


 FACEBOOK event page

April 14th, Sun           Filming for One Day in Kyoto

Participants will film all over Kyoto. Party & sharing session in the evening

May 13th, Mon           Film submission deadline

See Film Submission Guidelines below

June 1st, Sat                One Day in Kyoto Premier Screening

Share your day in Kyoto with everyone! 


3月30日(土)One Day in Kyoto キックオフパーティー

場所:Zen Cafe (烏丸七条、京都駅より10分、京阪七条駅より3分)


4月14日(日)One Day in Kyoto 撮影日




 6月1日(土)One Day in Kyoto プレミア上映


One Day in Kyoto FACEBOOK group 


Film Submission Guidelines

Official Submission Deadline:

Monday, May 13, 2013 – NO ENTRY FEE

 We accept narrative or experimental documentary films with a running time of less than 10 minutes. In order to qualify all the images from the movie must have been shot within the limits of the Kyoto prefecture area, on the selected date.

 Your film will have to be uploaded to Vimeo and share the viewing link with us before the deadline. Since we will do a showcase event with the selected short-films, we will ask you to keep your video status as private until the presentation date (June).

Additionally, because compressed video is not of a high enough quality to use in a motion picture and broadcast, it is crucial that you save all your original high-resolution elements in case your movie is selected for the screening.

All technical specifications are in line with Vimeo’s requirements, so please see their compression suggestions for the best advice on how to do it.

You will own all the rights of your content, and will retain ownership.


If you want to join in the fun, and be part of One Day in Kyoto project, whoever you are send us a mail now at, and join our Facebook group now.

Feel free to send us your questions and suggestions too. 





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One Day in Kyoto FACEBOOK group